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One in five couples get engaged in December, according to Fast Company. This means thousands of couples are about to start the wedding planning process in January. The average wedding costs nearly $30,000 and with almost a third of couples paying for their weddings themselves, keeping costs down is important, especially in these tough economic times.

One budget item that newly engaged couples can find creative ways to save money on is wedding favors as finding a perfect wedding favor doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

With the price of the average wedding favor between $2 and $8 and the typical guest list totaling nearly 160 people, costs can add up quickly.

To get creative on a budget, brides to be should consider these tips:

  1. Think location. Use favors as a way to share the character of the wedding locale. Wedding venues themselves can provide inspiration, or a visit to a local souvenir shop. Many of our customers pick our favors because they match their ceremony or reception location, but others choose sentimental reasons like it reflects where they met or where they got engaged. One couple that got married in Savannahused Lincoln Memorial chocolates for favors because that’s where the groom proposed.
  2. Look at guest list. Choose something you know the guests would enjoy. Make favor giving like gift giving so that your favors won’t be left behind or go unused.
  3. Err on edible. People love food. Make the memory of your wedding cake linger by sending guests home with an edible treat. “Edible favors are great because if you as a guest don’t like the favor, there is bound to be someone at the wedding who will gladly take it and it won’t go to waste,” says Terri Eaves of Bash LLC, a Washington, D.C. area wedding planner.
  4. Double up. Incorporate favors into a centerpiece. Pile chocolates or candies in square glass vases.
  5. Make it travel friendly. Guests will appreciate being able to stash their gift in a purse or pocket on their way out of the reception. Keep it small and beautifully wrapped.
  6. Go simple. Instead of splurging for a costly item, spruce up the presentation of a simple item.
  7. Nix printing costs. Skip custom engraved boxes and other printing costs by decorating with a sticker or a simple tag attached by a ribbon that matches your wedding colors.
  8. DIY. Ask your friends and family to help put on the finishing touches. While we are happy to customize our chocolates in cute personalized boxes, ribbons in your wedding colors, or customized labels or tags, brides can use our chocolates in a ‘do it yourself’ project with their bridesmaids to customize their favors those personal touches.
  9. Look for deals. To help newly engaged couples and make favor costs lighter on the wallet, the Historical Chocolate Company will offering 5 percent off all wedding orders placed in January.  It’s our way of helping brides and grooms with their bottom line.”

By following these simple tips, couples planning their “big day” can save money while still adding a fun and elegant way to thank their guests for being a part of it.


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